Our Team



PMC is one of the most experienced teams in the industry with over 80 professionals including certified and cross-trained electricians, installers, engineers, refrigeration technicians, software engineers, and more. 

We are proud to say that we are a long-term partner for many businesses, providing reliable and professional energy-saving solutions. Our tradesmen are Red Seal certified, and we also have registered apprentices and professional engineers, who are all service-focused professionals dedicated to creating the best possible energy performance outcomes for our clients.

Above all else, we’re driven to reduce utility costs in buildings to minimize waste and environmental impact while delivering exceptional services to our clientele through teamwork.


Make safety a priority

Keep our job sites and workplace as safe as possible and ensure that all personnel have the proper training and equipment.

Focus on our customers

Open and honest communication, and fair and prompt service, are the keys to long-term relationships.

Strive for high-quality work

Take pride in our work and enable the development of our personnel to their highest potential.

Operate with integrity

Do the right thing, even if it is difficult.

Think green

Continue to innovate and be forward thinking on our core philosophy of energy savings and performance.

Be fiscally responsible

Use resources as efficiently as possible, knowing that this is key to a strong company.

Our goal is to help reduce Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions and create a healthier and more sustainable future for our planet.

Our commitment to sustainability not only benefits the planet – it is also rewarding knowing that our actions help create a better future for generations to come.

Deep Energy Retrofit

Building Automation Systems

Commercial HVAC

Energy Solutions for New Construction


We understand how to reduce energy consumption in buildings. We’ll tell you not only what needs to be done, but also how we will do it and deliver a turnkey project. In some cases we even guarantee the results!